WordPress 5.9 Version Update

You may have noticed when logging into your WordPress website today that the update for version 5.9 is now available for installation. This is the most versatile version of WordPress yet!

Introduces the new Twenty Twenty-Two theme!
The first default block theme in the history of WordPress!

Navigation Blocks
Blocks to help build site navigation with ease!

Better Block Controls & Even Better Gallery Block!

This update will not be done automatically by the WordPress system! It will require a manual update. Updates should not be done without a complete set of backups and thorough testing with all themes & plugins.

This Update IS Covered by WordPress Service Agreements.

Users covered under a WordPress Service agreement (only) will be updated starting today and over the next week. Please be patient as there is a lot of testing to be done!

Updates will not begin until compatibility with themes and plugins has been checked and you will be notified when they are completed OR if you will need changes made to your theme or plugin replacements due to incompatibility.

If you DO NOT have a current WordPress service contract you must request updates to your WordPress site. Please send update requests using the contact form. There is a minimum, prepaid charge of $25 for this service.

If you plan on updating WordPress without assistance, you are strongly urged to make full backups of your site files and database before proceeding.

Mirror Images now offers 3 types of Annual Service Plans for WordPress. Plan costs start at $229 per year. These plans will give you the peace of mind that your WordPress system & any plugins will be updated when those updates become available for one full year. Want more info? Click here…

WordPress Service Plans include file & database backups, file/data restoration if there are problems after the updated. Service Plans will not cover new or custom programming or structural changes that may be needed to if your theme or data is not compatible with a version update. Renewal cost for premium plugins or themes also not included.

If you are interested in this new contracted service, click here for details or call 843-310-0471 during business hours, or email me directly anytime!