Mirror Images Maintenance Policies


All requests for updates and changes (maintenance) must be submitted in writing by email or attachment to email (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf). Urgent requests may be phoned in, but must be followed up with written requests. File attachments must be virus free.

Contracted maintenance will have priority over non-contracted work. Requests for changes and updates not under contract will be handled on a first come, first serve basis.

Priority of Maintenance Services:

  1. Contracted – Maintenance Contract
  2. Non-Contracted – On Request

It is the client’s responsibility to review updates for accuracy and completeness both before submission and after updates are completed.

Mirror Images will not place additional charges against your account for correction of errors in updates caused by our omission of information or typographical errors if those errors are reported within 24 hours of work being completed.

If additional changes/updates need to be made after original request is completed and is due to client error (i.e. typos, spelling errors, etc.) or omission of information, standard charges will be charged.

Changes or updates specifically requested to be made before or after business hours, on weekends or holidays will be billed at $65.00 per hour with a MINIMUM CHARGE of $30.00.

Invoice notices will be emailed upon completion of work.

Payment for services rendered or services over and above contracted amount or hours is due within 7 days of work completion.

A late charge of 5% will be assessed to payments not received by due date with a minimum late charge of $3.95.

Late or non-payment of charges grants Mirror Images the right to remove or replace any updated or changed web pages or files from your web site at our discretion.

Mirror Images does not provide website maintenance services to customers not hosted on our servers without a prepaid hours.


Service Plans will require a minimum deposit of $225.

Charges exceeding thing balance of your pre-payment will be billed at the hourly rate of your contract for the first hour over and $55.00 p/hr for the remainder.

Maintenance requests under contract are given top priority and will be completed within 48 hours or two business days of initial request. Exempt from this are changes or updates that require more than 3 hours to complete and redesign work, or changes submitted to the wrong email address.

See purchase page for full terms.


Account must be paid in full before new work is started and a minimum deposit of $25 may be required.

Maintenance requests not under contract will be completed within 72 hours or three business days. Exempt from this are changes or updates that require more than 3 hours to complete.

Billing for NON-CONTRACTED updates and changes will be charged at the current hourly rate of $55.00 p/hr, with a MINIMUM CHARGE of $25.00.

Changes will not be released to your site until full payment of your invoice has been received. Your invoice notice will include a link(s) to preview changes.

Mirror Images will reserve the right to refuse maintenance service to any client that has a past due balance or has had three or more late payments within any 12-month period.