Custom Web Design

What makes Mirror Images a different kind of web design company? We listen to you.
We spend a great deal of time discussing options, ideas, and needs with you and use that information to create the website you want. We provide helpful advice along the way based on our past years of knowledge and our continued learning.

We cater to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who have big ideas & tight budgets. Mirror Images is a small business that understands budgets and we know how to get things done with what you have to work with!

Mirror Images will work with you create a final unique design for your site that reflects you or your business in a tasteful way and within your budget. No pressure. No hidden fees.

You only get one shot at a first impression
and we want that to be the perfect reflection
of you & your business as much as you do.

Website Maintenance & Hosting

We also provide website maintenance for sites we design and sites created by other companies in a timely fashion and at a sensible rate. Reliable, affordable website hosting is offered with personal service and the respect and appreciation you deserve! We even have a real person answering the phone when you have questions!

Web Design Costs

Estimates are worked out based on the currently hour charge for contracted services, and can include other services including SEO enhancements and Content Management Systems & services. Sites not hosted on our web servers will be based on slightly higher rate. Estimates are required to be approved and contracts signed prior to commencement of design work.

  • The average minimum cost for new design is about $500

Service Can Include:

  • Custom & Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Programming
  • WordPress setup & configuration (optional)
  • 1 Year plugin licensing (WP)
  • Logo design or conversion *
  • Scanning and editing of images *
  • Stock Photos *
  • Up to 2 Hours Maintenance Credit
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

* for web use only.

You are invited to contact us with any questions you might have regarding the design or maintenance of your web site. We are here to help!