WordPress Service Plans

You can have all the benefits of using one of the most used content management systems on the web without all the hassle of managing updates, upgrades, and all the accompanying technical issues.

  • We put eyes on your site on a regular basis to make sure things are running the way they are supposed to.
  • Security tweaks if needed are free of charge! Choose Premium or Enterprise plan to include WordFence security plugin in your annual plan.
  • All plugins & most themes are individually tested in an environment matching your own site before being updated.
  • We can answer questions & make recommendations about themes and plugins based on your goals.

Plans are priced annually and include updates to WP system, standard plugins & themes. If something goes wrong during any update your site will be rolled back (restored from a backup) and we will sort out the issue and present you with a plan on how to handle it. See pricing & services below!

Want more information or would you like to initiate a new service plan for your website? Contact Us!

These plans are not intended for content updates or redesign. Please see our maintenance services page or contact us about how we can customize a service plan to suit your needs.

On RequestWP BasicWP PremiumWP Enterprise
WordPress Version UpdatesXXXX
Site & Data BackupXXXX
Standard Theme UpdatesXXXX
Standard Plugin UpdatesXXXX
Restore from BackupXXXX
Fixes / Repairs (per month)Hourly Fee< 15 min< 30 min< 60 min
WordFence Security - Annual License+ $99+ $89FREEFREE
Updraft Plus Premium - Annual License+ $55+ $35FREEFREE
Premium Theme Subscription*+ $49FREEFREEFREE
Site CheckupMonthlyWeekly
Minimum Charge per session$35N/AN/AN/A
Annual PricingN/A$249$399$599
Quarter PricingN/A$79$109N/A
All services are PREPAID.

* Currated selection of premium themes we provide.

Service Details

Website & Database Backup

Backups are stored offsite for 30 days offsite storage

Site Checkup

Scan site for problems, security issues, correct or repair minor problems, request approval to service major problems.

Fixes / Repairs

Fixes requiring more time than allowed will be billed at current contracted hourly rate

Premium Theme Updates

Licensing or other fees required for updates with 3rd parties are the responsibility of the site owner. Requires access to your premium theme/update account.

WordFence Security License

One year license. Wordfence WordPress security plugin continuously prevents, patrols and protects your WordPress websites against today’s ultra-advanced cyber attacks, hacks and online security threats. Only available annually with Premium & Enterprise plans.


How do I know if I am under contract?
Your WP version updates are under contract if your new WordPress website was setup by Mirror Images on or after [TODAY’S DATE] or if you obtained an annual contract specifically for WordPress updates from Mirror Images on or after [TODAY’S DATE]. WordPress version updates can be covered under standard maintenance agreements by special arrangement.

How do I request update services?
Send an email request using the contact form. You will be sent an invoice for the prepaid charge. Your site will be updated within 24 hours of payment received. You will receive notification when complete.

How much will it cost?
The minimum charge for non-contracted WordPress Updates which includes version updates to themes, plugins or add-ons, is $35 for up to 30 minutes. Anything over 30 minutes is billed at $55 per hour.

Typically, updates take somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes if your current installation is only one or two versions behind. Time needed to update depends on the current version number, number of plugins in place that might also need updating and the type of theme being used (standard vs. customized).

Do I have to update WordPress?
In most cases WP updates relate to security or operational fixes. You should do the updates to ensure smooth, secure operation of your website and continued compatibility of your plugins.

I don’t understand any of this!
No problem! Call 843-310-0471 during business hours or email anytime for more information!!