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SPAM SPAM SPAM! I'm sick of the spam I'm receiving! Can't you do anything about it?

Several different filtering systems have been implemented on our mail servers. While filters are updated nearly every day, spammers are updating their tactics everyday, too.

The best advice we can give you for avoiding an inbox full of spam:

Keep your email address private.
Or try to maintain at least two email addresses, one public, one private. Never publish your private address on your website, or in telephone book ads that may appear in online phone directories. Don't use your private address to sign up for listservs, message boards, signing guestbooks or other online community services where it could be viewed either as part of your profile, or as a link. We recommend you use a "freemail" account for these services such as hotmail, yahoo mail, or Google's Gmail. Gmail is by invitation only. As a courtesy, Mirror Images will send an invite to our current customers, upon request. Please use our contact form for requests.

Do not publish your email address on your website.
Spambots scan the web looking for the standard syntax of a "mailto" link. A better option would be to use a contact form that conceals your email address. Mirror Images can provide you with a basic, secure contact form for as little as $50. Contact Us for details.

Carefully read privacy policies
Do this on any site that requires you submit your address. In some cases, could be agreeing to redistribution of your email address.

Don't use your first name as your email address
(ex. sue@yourdomain.com, bob@yourdomain.com, etc.) "Baby book spammers", as we like to refer to them, will run long lists of first names on domains until they find "hits". If you must use a name, use your first name and first letter or two of your last name - sueja@yourdomain.com - or append your address with a "dot" - bob.cooper@yourdomain.com.

Don't use standard email addresses
ex. admin@yourdomain.com, webmaster@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, info@yourdomain.com - all of these addresses at the top of a spammers list. Try something different in place of the above. ex. iamadmin@yourdomain.com, webperson@yourdomain.com, buystuff@yourdomain.com, q.and.a@yourdomain.com

Don't continue to use an address that has been "polluted" with spam.
If you receive more than 30 spams a day, your address is polluted. Create or get a new email address and begin to transition your friends, family and co-workers to that address. After about a month, and after you're sure that you've notified everyone that needs to be notified, you can safely delete, destroy or ignore the "polluted" address.

Doing so will only confirm to the spammer that your address works, and you're getting their junk!

Guard your email address like gold!
We are often amazed at how easily people surrender their email address. You wouldn't tell a perfect stranger where you live -- why give them your email address?

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