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Frequently Asked Questions by MirrorImages.Net

In most cases, the question you need answered has already been asked! Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Topics below for common questions that include general questions asked about the Internet, and about our services. Updated often with new questions & answers!

Can't find your answer? Contact us! We will be glad to help!

Sample Questions

- Is Image::Magick or GD installed on my server?

- What if I want to cancel my maintenace contract before my money runs out?

- How can I save money on my hosting charges? (Discounts)

- I received a domain registration renwal notice in the mail from Domain Registry of America, but I thought my registration was with you. What's going on?

- I have uploaded a perl script to my server, and when I try to access it from the browser, I get an "Error 500 - Server Error".

- Can I resell domain space in my multi-domain hosting package?

- Can I increase my email quota to something over what my current limit is?

- Why is the rate higher if I don't host my site with you?

- What are your rates for new site design?

- I want a website to look exactly like my competitors - can you do that?

Home || Portfolio || Pricing || Customer Service || FAQ || Sitemap || Contact

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